Commission Pay-Out Instructions

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  • Published December 2, 2016
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3 simple steps to complete and receive your $$$$$

#1 – US Partners Only

Login to your back-office by Clicking Here.

If you have not already completed this step… when you log into your Back Office, there will be a message to submit your TAX info.

After you complete the required information, move to step #2


#2 US Partners AND International Partners

Important: You must set up your I-Payout account (including step 3 below) FIRST before you request any commission to be paid from your wallet.

If you earned commissions in your back office (this can be verified under the Administration Tab/ Manage Commission Payments), you will need to select I-Payout as your payment solution.

The I-payout button will only show if you earned commissions.

#3 US Partners AND International Partners

You will receive an email from I-Payout with instructions to finish setting up your account.

Here are Additional step-by-step instructions on how to receive your funds:

How To Set-Up Your Wallet Part ONE
How To Set-Up Your Wallet Part TWO

Refer 4 Pay-No-More

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Here’s how you can SAVE even more $ with TripSpin! 

As a TripSpin™ Subscriber… refer just 4 TripSpin™ (Retail ONLY) subscribers and your monthly renewal is waived… that’s right… FREE! 

All you need to do is get qualified this month in December and starting next month in January, your $88.88 renewal is waived, as long as you have 4 active subscribers.

You can refer potential subscribers using your personalized URL which is your 

Click here for more details ( ).  

I’m Qualified Bonus Pool

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  • Published November 16, 2016
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Once you’ve enrolled as a HODO Global Sharing Economy Partner (SEP) you have 30 days to qualify your RTC (Retail Sales Tracking Center) and earn a share in the I’m Qualified Bonus Pool.
A matching share is earned by the first upline 3 Star (Enroller Tree) who qualified their RTC in their first 30 days when a new SEP earns a share in their first 30 days.

Here’s how it works:

  • From every new TripSpin™ Subscription sold $40 ($30 after Pre-Launch) is placed into an I’m Qualified Bonus Pool which is paid weekly.
  • Must have activated the RTC with a personal TripSpin™ Technology subscription or Retail ONLY Subscription.
  • Must have personally referred a Retail ONLY Subscription or personally enrolled a SEP who’s RTC is activated in LEFT team.
  • Must have personally referred a Retail ONLY Subscription or personally enrolled a SEP who’s RTC is activated in RIGHT team.
  • This bonus is paid weekly based on all the TripSpin™ Subscriptions sold during the week the SEP qualifies.
  • Only 1 Share can be earned and it must be earned within 30 days of enrollment.
  • Additional shares can be earned once achieving 3 Star rank by helping SEP’s (enrollment tree) become qualified in their first 30 days.
Be sure you get your share of this pool by qualifying in your first 30 days!!

WEBINAR with CEO & Founder John Hammack

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  • Published November 11, 2016
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WEBINAR with CEO & founder John Hammack
and SEP Jonathan Schlossberg.


Click Here to Login and Activate.
Click Here for Instructions on How To Activate.


21 Days To Success – Tip #15

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Make Social Media an Everyday Business

TIP #15

Social media is the most powerful platform created for network marketing. We love that it enables you to build your business with only a cellphone.  So now is the time to take advantage of building your following;  Follow these tips to help you make your social media an everyday business!

Mix it up.

This is probably the biggest mistake new social media users make. They want to ask for something before they’ve given something of value. You are attracting rather than selling the opportunity and the lifestyle. People relate to stories and follow you because YOU ARE interesting! They want to see what you’re doing with your business and what you’re doing of value. It’s not just about original writing either. If you find valuable content, pass it on, people will want to follow you because you’re a great resource. When you have diversified content (that is based solely around pushing the opportunity) you’ll grow a more dedicated following. Try the 3-1-3 rule, for every three fun non-business posts, can create one promotional post.  But remember you have to “give” before you can “take.”

Focus your efforts.

Pick just one platform like Facebook and learn all you can. It’s better to do an exceptional job on one of the social media platforms than an average job on all of them. Once you’ve mastered one platform you can move on to another. But in the beginning focusing your efforts on one platform allows you to see what works on that particular site. Track your posts to see how each post is received. If a post is successful on Facebook, it will get ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’ Keep a log in a journal tabulating posts analytics. These would be  ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, types of posts (a link, a video, a meme, a picture), time of day, and frequency. Make a habit of checking your progress every week so you can tweak how and what you post.

Don’t fake authenticity.

The goal is to create a platform where people look at you and ask “‘what the heck are they doing?” You are ultimately selling a lifestyle, so when post pictures of you having fun and hanging out with great people, that’s when you become attractive and grab a prospects attention. But the truth is not every day is sunshine and rainbows and nobody buys perfect. Create posts that tell a story, like a picture of your workspace, clean or not clean people relate to real. If you want to be effective at recruiting on social media then it’s critical that you be authentic. Be yourself in a way that people will look at you as an expert for whatever it is that you’re trying to be. Content that is faked will be sniffed out by your followers in a heartbeat. And they can be merciless when it comes to clicking ‘unfollow’. Being real to yourself will show people that you are trustworthy both as a person and as a professional.

21 Days To Success – Tip #16

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Create a blueprint for success

TIP #16

Personal development is a lifelong process; there is never an end to self-improvement. Many of the lessons gained from personal development can be applied to growing a successful organization.

  • Strategic Thinking-

Planning your business is essential for success. Being able to see the big picture marks the difference between an average business and an exceptional one.

A broader business perspective allows you to not get bogged down with minor details and enables you to step back and focus on the why, not just the how and what.  When you practice the same business principles they become second nature. Take what you’ve mastered and show your team how to do the same.  Staying plugged in to the HODO community and being around like-minded people will keep you motivated.

  • Listening

The key to being a good leader is to listen more than you talk. Listening is crucial when you approach a potential prospect about the opportunity. Strike a balance with leading the conversation but allowing the prospect to ask questions. At the end of the day, this is an opportunity for them.  As discussed in a previous blog, people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.  If you’re why is to expose people to an opportunity that could potentially change their life than you’re on the right track.

If you’re on social media, you have to know beforehand what your prospects want or you won’t get their attention. Research your customer’s needs and then communicate the benefits of your offer. 

  • Coaching

The best way to earn in network marketing is by developing other people. Only people can duplicate you. When you provide guidance that helps your team grow, you also benefit because you earn off your efforts and those of your team. Once a recruit has made the decision to join, it’s your job as a leader to show them how to duplicate your system. Stay plugged into the HODO community and encourage your team to stay active in the community. Being around like-minded people in the same business will keep you motivated.

21 Days To Success – Tip #17

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Work on your “Why”

TIP #17

Work on your “Why”

We are in the business of helping people make decisions. Simon Sinek said, “There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” The way you inspire others to buy into your business is to start with your “why”.

Knowing the purpose behind your business spurs you on to wake up everyday and hustle to grow your team. This purpose is the heartbeat of your business and it’s what grows an organization. Everyone has a story behind how they came to be their own boss. Pulling the curtain back on your business and letting prospects know your story makes it relatable. When you lead with your “why” instead of a strict sales pitch you relax the prospect and keep their guard down.

The epic thing about starting with our why? It is in our biology not our psychology. Watch this powerful TED Talk by Simon Sinek to see him explain this.


21 Days To Success – Tip #18

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Write Down Your Goals

TIP #18 

In a famous study of the Harvard class of 1953, the researchers discovered that only 10 percent of the graduates had established goals at all and that only 3 percent had written down their goals.

Twenty years later, the researchers again interviewed the same class members, who were now involved in careers and families.  They quickly determined that the 3 percent who two decades earlier had written down their goals were now worth more in economic terms than the entire remaining 97 percent of the class combined!  Obviously, economic success isn’t everything, but it certainly is a revealing and immediate way to measure the power of having written goals.

Until your goals are written down, they’re not really goals; they are dreams and wishes.  Writing your goals down in black and white forces you to focus on them.  Then you will commit to them.  Furthermore, it’s important to share your goals with like-minded people-your champions. Whenever you share your goals with others-or others share their goals with you-there is a power about it.  Our goals inspire people.  Goals inspire power.

Here are some goal setting specifics:

Rule #1 – Your goals must be concrete and have measureable results.  If it can’t be measured, it’s not really a goal.

Rule #2 –   Set the goals you really want.  Go for the ultimate result you have in mind.

Rule #3 – State your goals as positive, present-tense accomplishments.   The more compelling your goals and the more passion they call forth from you, the more likely it is that you will hold them up and champion then-and others will too.

21 Days To Success – Tip #19

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TIP #19 

Hey HODOmaniacs! It’s day nineteen of our twenty-one day countdown, and that means its time to dig deep into your contacts to build a big list and signup as many people up in “free-mode” as possible.

Start with friends and family. Those closest to us are considered our “warm market” which makes them a great resource.  Don’t be surprised if they have some apprehension, but once you show them the powerful features and benefits of the HODO technology and the incredible savings on travel through our booking engine, TripSpin, their apprehension will turn into excitement! Remember to get referrals…ask them if they know anyone who’d be interested in using the TripSpin subscription, because everyone likes to travel, and everyone wants more time and money.

Social media is one of the greatest untapped resources for potential prospects. Go through your friend list and flag any friends or followers that you feel could be open to the HODO business. Don’t immediately blow through your warm market by doing the proverbial word vomit sales pitch. Instead show how enticing and interesting the opportunity is. Start by regularly posting exciting and inspiring content that isn’t pushy. Your friends and followers will quickly be able to tell you love what you do and are having success doing it. It’s beneficial to engage (i.e. lik, cmment, share) with their posts as well so the engagement isn’t one sided.  Once you’ve established an online rapport and they’ve engaged in your postings that is your cue to start a conversation.

Keep your list current. Make an offline excel spreadsheet of your list of potential contacts. Denote in each column whether they’ve been contacted and in what way (call, email, text, Facebook message, etc.). That way you’re next follow-up isn’t redundant.  Date and time for when you last contacted the prospect is key. Even if they’ve been contacted, revisiting an old lead with a fresh opportunity is a new lead. Use your HODO Connect app to help you stay on top of the lines of communication. The difference in average results and massive success is in the FOLOW UP!

Create a lead capturing landing page. Another great way to generate leads is to capture someone’s informationis through a landing page where you offer free valuable content. The lead is generated when they have to input their email address to continue into the site to view the content.. This may sound like a daunting task but it’s easier than you think. There are many resources on the Internet to help you create a business-landing page. Like this one here-

Learning how to create a capture leads is another great reason to come to the HODO Phase II Celebration Event in Dallas on October 28th-30th.  Our master distributor will spend a whole day teaching his lead capture system called System Pal. Don’t miss this secret insider training on the System Pal, register for the free event here ( .

21 Days to Success – Tip #20

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  • Published October 20, 2016
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Mastering the 3-Way Call


You’ve sent out your prospect messages using the HODO Connect App and they’ve shown some interest. Now what? It’s time to do a three-way call!  Today’s tip will hopefully create a habit and viewed as a daily requirement and not just an optional method for gaining business.

Understanding the sense of urgency after you’ve sent out a video to a prospect is key. There is a limited time window to make contact between after they’ve watched a presentation and when they respond with interest. First send a message to your up-line and ask them if they’re available to do a call.

Once you’ve established a time to for the three-way call, know how to open the call. Start by building up the credibility of your up-line. Edification of your up-line is everything. Making your mentor appear ten feet tall impresses your prospect and also builds trust with your up-line.

Leverage the experience of your sponsor and let them take over the call. This allows you to learn how to answer basic questions and respond to objections from a prospect.  You will be the up-line at some point so take note of how your up-line handles the call.

The point of the call should be about more than just answering questions. Showing the vision, the culture and the opportunity is just as important.  After the conversation has naturally come to a close, be sure to ask the new HODO prospect to join the business in some way. You’ll be able to tell in what capacity they’re willing to join, but implement a call to action. Whether that be simply using our TripSpin technology as a customer or joining HODO as a partner.

Once the prospect hangs up that isn’t where the three-way call ends! The fortune is in the follow up. Text or email your prospect thanking them for their time over the phone. This gesture could pay big dividends down the road and sway a prospect on the fence.