Why Most People Will Never Be Great At Getting Profit From The Currency Market

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The International Currency Market is the one in which participants from all around the world can buy, sell, exchange and speculate on different currencies. It is made up of central banks, commercial companies, investment management firms, hedge funds, brokers, and investors.

The currency market is not simple, neither intuitive. But if you use the right strategies and tools, the chance to have a big profit investing in it is huge. People who invest in the currency market are called traders. They make money most of the time. But the question is: why do some of them lose money? Why will most people never be great at getting profit from the currency market?

1: They are stubborn and think the losing game will turn into a winning one automatically

In general, professional traders are excellent at identifying profitable trading opportunities. But sometimes they can lose a lot of money. If you want to play this game, be careful. When your investment goes against you, withdraw your money at that moment. Take a small loss and then try again later using another methodology. It is better to take a small loss early than a big loss later.


When your investment goes against you, withdraw your money at that moment

2: They close the investment at a small gain to protect profits

The big mistake people frequently make is that they shut the investment at a small gain to protect profits. But there is an important advice to follow: If an investment is in your favor, let it run. Do not close it. It’s tempting to close your assets at a small gain to protect profits, but sometimes persistence can result in bigger gains. When investing in the currency market, always look for larger compensation than the failure you are risking. If you follow this rule, you may make money because you will focus on your winning trades, not on the losing ones.

3: They do not study enough the new tools available

There are thousands of tools that can optimize your investments in the currency market. If you think that investing is something that would take your entire day, you must know that this is no longer a requirement. Ryze.Ai, for instance, is a tool that places the trades automatically on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry where or how to invest every day.


Some tools can optimize your investments in the currency market

To sum it all up, do not be inflexible: if your investment goes against you, withdraw your money at that moment. But if your trades are gaining value, think about a bigger compensation and leave it there. Follow our tips and be great at getting profit from the currency market!

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Make You Invincible In Finances

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  • Published June 20, 2017
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Have you ever imagined a new electronic cash system that is trustworthy, low-cost, capable of detecting frauds, and not limited to a country or even time? How about an independent money system which is fully peer-to-peer, with no third party involved such as banks or agencies?

AI has long been praised as a symbol of the future. However, in many ways, the age of AI is already upon us for better or worse. Due to the tremendous volume of data to be analyzed and organized, the use of algorithms has become mandatory in the finance world. It is not only a revolution in our way of processing data: it can look like magic when you use it in your financial life. To help you with that, we have selected 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Make You Invincible In Finances.

Maybe, in the future, banks will no longer be required

Maybe in the future, banks will no longer be required

01 Buying bitcoin and downloading a blockchain instead of using a bank account

Bitcoin is an online alternative currency system that acts as digital money. Bitcoin is used both as an investment and as a method of payment for goods and services. It is a revolution in financial transactions created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym that has been cryptographed). To control how many bitcoins you have in your account, you have to be a user of blockchain: a data structure similar to a bank, but public and widely distributed. It allows bitcoins (digital money) to be transferred without having an institution certifying the transaction. Maybe in the future, when bitcoin and blockchain become more widespread, banks will no longer be required.

Moreover, companies such as IBM, Deloitte, and Gem are already using blockchain and bitcoins in many practical areas. It is better than a regular bank and much safer because it makes frauds practically impossible given the use of cryptography.

How about trying it? Bitcoin transactions take place in an online marketplace, where users are anonymous and almost untraceable. To start, you can download the Bitcoin Client software or use online help such as the Coinbase or the The main danger of investing in bitcoin is that it is extremely volatile, as prices move rapidly up and down. But, beyond that, it still is a good investment option.

AI dominance will become more and more widespread

AI dominance will become more and more widespread

02 Contract a company that uses AI to invest your money

AI has infiltrated everything from trading customer service until regulations. Its dominance will only become more widespread as technologies improve and possibilities increase. If you think that an AI investment such as bitcoin is too risky, why don’t you try contracting a company that uses AI to invest your money in the Stock Exchange? Ryze.Ai is a case in point: it uses a robot to calculate the investments for your money and places it in clusters in your behalf, through the use of algorithms. It is safe, and the chance of success is good, as the deep machine learning teaches algorithms to almost never miss an excellent opportunity.

03 Use the interpretations by AI to make investments

Many financial services already use AI’s to make predictions and generate insights. Take a frequent look at their insights, analyses, websites, etc. to stay on top of the market. AI will provide you the tools, insight, and accelerations that will enable you to be one of the tomorrow’s market leaders.

To sum up, the use of algorithms has become mandatory not only in the global finance world but also to who wants to be invincible in finances.

The HEAT is RYZEing Promo

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The Heat is RYZEing Summer Promotion

June 19th thru July 30th

  • $99 Initial RYZE ($199 initial discounted $100).
  • Creates 50BV instead of 100 BV – Initial Subscription still generates Cycle Bonuses.
  • No Direct Commission, but Commissions and Overrides are paid on Initial Subscription (see below).
  • No Monthly Tier Fees charged until your Anniversary Date in September
    (recurring order for Tier would start on your anniversary date from enrollment date in September).
  • Partner purchase – RTC Activation through the week ending of first recurring order in September.
  • Retail purchase – RTC Activation (as above) if set to Personal Volume and sale is initial activation for RTC.
  • During this Promotion:
    – Partners are PAID ONLY…
    … PROMO (commission & override)
    + Cycles + Direct Commission on Monthly.

    – No Matching Bonus.
    – No I’m Qualified Bonus or I’m Qualified Match
    (however, if anyone new gets qualified in their first 30 days or ANYONE gets the $150 bonus below then they will show up in their HBD as I’m Qualified Bonus status).


Get 3$99 RYZE.Ai Initial Subscription Fee for Partner and/or Retail Sales during:

  • First 14 days of promotion OR your first 14 days from your Enrollment Date during the Promo.
  • You will be paid a $150 commission
    (paid only on the first three new Subscription Sales).
  • $50 Override Bonus paid to the first qualified upline who earned a $150 Heat is RYZEing Promo Commission.

Get 10$99 RYZE.Ai Initial Subscription Fee for Partner and/or Retail Sales during:

  • June 19th thru July 30th
  • You will be paid a $350 commission.
    (the first three [3] in 14 days count as part of your 10 sales)
  • $150 Override Bonus to the first qualified upline who earned a $150 Heat is RYZEing Promo Commission.
  • Can earn this $350 Heat is RYZEing Promo Commission and $150 Override Bonus for every 10 sales during the Promotion.

IMPORTANT: Commissions AND Bonuses are calculated weekly and paid ONE week in arrears.

It’s official! – 10 New Countries & 2 New US Territories

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  • Published June 13, 2017
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HODO Launch New Countries

Great News!

It’s official! We’re open for business in 10 New Countries & 2 New US Territories


  1. Taiwan
  2. China
  3. South Africa
  4. Columbia
  5. Brazil
  6. UAE
  7. Great Britain (UK)
  8. Belgium
  9. Holland
  10. France


  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Guam

Learn How To Start Saving On Last Minute Deals

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  • Published June 9, 2017
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Did you know that last minute travel deals can help you save a lot of money? But be careful: some sales can be a trap. To help you, we have five pieces of advice on how to start saving on those situations.

01: Last minute deals are good to find accommodation, not cheap flights

Flights on regularly scheduled airlines tend to increase in price the closer to departure you get. So last minute deals on flights are rare, don’t take the risk. A good advice is to look for some accommodation deals – you can save a lot of money, believe us! Also, you can ask for an upgrade on your room directly when you check in.

02: Mid-week travel and alternative flights

Better than looking for flights on sale is to travel on mid-week days, from Tuesday to Thursday. It helps you save more since most people tend to book a weekend or national holiday departures. Even if you’re booking in advance, flying mid-week can save you hundreds of dollars per ticket. To find a cheap flight you can also use other strategies such as flying indirect (flight with a stop-over), hacking the baggage fees and flying from an alternative airport.

For instance, traveling from France to Holland is less expensive when your departure is from Paris to Amsterdam than from Lyon to the same city. The same happens when you try to travel from France to Morocco: instead of flying from Lyon, people usually choose flights from Grenoble to Morocco (it is far away less expensive).

03: Use last-minute travel for fun trips, not crucial trips

Last-minute travel isn’t appropriate if you’re set on a particular type of suite in a specific kind of accommodation at a particular location at your destination or when you must travel during specific dates. If everything has to be perfect for your honeymoon or business trip, book ahead instead. If you have an important appointment, do not take the risk!

04: Follow your favorite airlines on social networks

Be aware that several airlines post last-minute sales to their social networks, especially their Twitter account. Some domestic airlines’ deal pages and Twitter handles are American Airlines (@AmericanAir), Delta Air Lines (@Delta), United Airlines (@United), Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir).

05: Consider joining a membership travel club

If you are a very frequent traveler, you must take into account participating in a membership travel club. That kind of business often require a monthly fee, so you must be a vivid traveler so make it worth. A travel club usually has exclusive deals and last minute sales for members only with very attractive discounts.

Check out the TripSpin opportunity: You can get insider deals and wholesale prices!

15 Easy Ways to Face Obstacles in Your Business

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  • Published June 7, 2017
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There are some unique challenges that are especially difficult to overcome when dealing with business. Whether you’re just getting into the game or you’re thinking about facing obstacles, we are here to make your life easier.

01 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: brainstorm and solve problems

To create a successful and relevant business, you have to first think about what problem you will solve, how you can really help your clients and what your competitive advantage is. The first step is to establish your target audience and its context. Then make a list of problems related to their reality and possible solutions. For example, making a list of problems about local public affairs is efficient to become aware of what you will develop to public employees (your clients). In short, you need to choose a specific audience, recognize the scale of its problems and the need for a solution, then create a system or a product that solves the problem(s). Write down your every idea in post-its!

02 Failures open up the doors of success

If you tried one solution and the prototype didn’t work, do not worry. Failures and faux pas are part of our journey and they must be seen as a great opportunity to learn and improve ourselves. We need to accept that our failures make us unique and are part of important lessons. Some people say that the kind of mistakes you make define you. So, the more interesting the mistake, the more interesting the life. Try a lot! As Samuel Beckett once said, “ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better”.

03 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: develop emotional resilience

If you take risks, you will have failures, it is part of the game. Therefore you need to develop emotional resilience to stay strong and don’t give up. Most successful people have always found ways to turn their failures into successes. Their background stories reflect resilience as you never know what your failure today will lead to in a few years. But one thing is for certain, taking a problem, creating a plan that fixes it and then using it to your benefit can only make you stronger. Accept your failures as a normal part of the process and go on!

04 Abandon what doesn’t work

Don’t be a fool: learn from your mistakes and abandon what doesn’t work. To err once is human, to make the same mistake twice is stupidity! Some products or services you include in the business might not work. We tend to fall in love with our own products and services and find hard to let something go. It’s almost as if we have developed blinders that prevent us from seeing what is very clear to outsiders, but not to us. Like people say, if you’re going to play the game, you need to know when to fold the cards.

We need to accept that our failures make us unique

05 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: use new strategies

Some obstacles are the result of our bad habits – i.e. clinging to outdated models and ways of doing business because it’s what we know best. Always try to update yourself on what is happening in the market and look for new methods to solve old problems. They can work just fine, open your mind and stay active!

06 Manage your cash flow and keep money coming in

Money problems in their several forms are at the top of most lists of company woes. For small businesses, the major worries are clients stalling payments, unexpected outgoings, and outstanding bills that will not wait to be paid. There are some money management tools that can help you to manage cash flow, multi-functional apps that can create budgets, calculate VAT, automate bill payments, alert you of unusual outgoings and provide a free credit score. Look for it and keep the money coming in!

07 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: stay focused and do your best

Simplify and stay focused on what you know and what you do best. In other words, “stick to the knitting”. If you believe in your product or service and you know that it adds value and solves problems, don’t go looking for the next exciting thing. Stay focused and win this game!

08 Be close to the sales function

Attention: during the startup phase, entrepreneurs generally act as sales chiefs. It means that they know their product or service best because they have created it. As they grow and start to hire staff, some founders may remove themselves from the sales function. They usually slowly start to distance themselves as they focus on financing, people management, and other operational issues. And it’s a trap! They may end up losing their grip on what matters most: sales, sales, and more sales. As we all know, sales can make or break a business.

09 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: set aside time for yourself

Fatigue is one of the most commonly overlooked small business challenges. It can leave you disorganized, forgetful and cranky, not paying as much attention to clients and products as you should. Business owners have to pace themselves, which includes embracing strategic delegation, something that for any highly motivated individual isn’t an easy ask. You can start by identifying business elements that don’t require your expertise, such as mailing, and take on an assistant to help you out. We advise you: for the best of your business, set time aside for yourself!

10 Focus on your most profitable customers before taking new steps

To understand what customers want, you can ask for feedback from your current best clients, which also counts as part of your follow-up engagement, another ‘must do’ when you’re looking at keeping valued partners. Take everything into consideration and be as attentive as possible.

You must focus on your most profitable customers

11 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: cut back your overheads

Overheads are one of the biggest small business challenges and excessive overheads have driven many otherwise good companies to the wall. Resolving them involves paying close attention to what customers actually want and providing products or services sharply tailored to fit. This means working out what customers need and trimming back gold plating or unnecessary services. Try to cut back on your overheads!

12 Teambuilding: motivation and union

Even if you have management experience, picking the right team for a startup is stressful and difficult. It’s not enough to find candidates who fill certain roles; you also need to consider their culture fit and how they’ll work as part of your overall team. Another important tip: team motivation and unity are very important. Ensuring employees are happy and productive means communicating clearly and being approachable. Good companies foster a relaxed atmosphere where staff feels able to talk to management. You should also ask for employee feedback regarding their needs. This is not an option, it’s a must! Too many businesses don’t look at what their employees want, assume everything is fine, then wonder why they have a high staff turnover. Motivation and unity must always be up, do not forget that!

13 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: deal with the unknown

What kind of business should you start? How long will your business exist? How profitable will your business be? Will customers like your service? Will you be able to give yourself a steady paycheck? None of these questions have a solid, reliable answer.
Dealing with this volatility is one of the hardest parts of emerging as a new entrepreneur, but it is a great learning opportunity!

14 Rulemaking: create agreements together with the team

Do not be a dictator. Of course, your business needs rulemaking. How about creating agreements together with your team? Acting like that you will get more commitment from the team. Remember: your role is not to create or dictate rules, but to remind employees of previously agreed agreements. Try to communicate with them in a calm and empathetic manner.

15 Make It Easier To Face Obstacles In Your Business: decisionmaking

New entrepreneurs are forced to make hundreds of decisions a day. From big, company impacting decisions, to tiny, hour affecting ones. These decisions aren’t easy. Decision fatigue is a real phenomenon and most new entrepreneurs will experience it if they aren’t prepared for it. Always try to remember the main goals of your business and your personal goals before making any decisions.

Partial Withdrawal Request Process

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Partial Withdrawal Request Process-31
  • As of Monday, June 5th, 2017 Partial withdrawals from RYZE.Ai accounts will be available.
  • Partial withdrawals are allowed only for clients having a minimum “Balance” of $2,000 in their “Live Account.”
  • After the calculations below a remaining account “Balance” of $500 must be maintained in order for active trading to continue.
  • Partial withdrawals of ANY amount also requires a partial closing of the current “Open P/L” positions in their “Live Account”.
  • RYZE.Ai is based on accumulation and distribution strategies, therefore, Capital City Markets (CCM) encourages all clients to make withdrawals only during the distribution cycle if possible.

… Distribution cycles are when the “Open P/L” positions are a smaller percentage of your overall account.
… “Open P/L” positions can range from 2%-30% of the “Balance” in your “Live Account”.
… CCM suggests timing partial withdrawals when the “Open P/L” positions are 10% or less of the “Balance.”
… At the time of the request, whatever percentage the withdrawal represents of the current balance, that same percentage is required to close the corresponding percentage of “Open P/L” positions.

The following is an example of a partial withdrawal request:

  1. $10,000 “Balance” in “Live Account”.
  2. $2,000 partial withdrawal request.
  3. $2,000 divided by $10,000 = 20% of the account balance.
  4. 20% of the current “Open P/L” positions must be closed.
  5. $1,000 in current “Open P/L” positions.
  6. $1,000 x 20% = $200.
  7. $200 is required to close the current “Open P/L” positions.
  8. $2,000 minus $200 = $1,800 net withdrawal.
  9. Less the $25 bank processing fees.

How Choosing The Right Mentor Can Make Your Business Skyrocket

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  • Published June 2, 2017
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Entrepreneurship is an undertaking of risk. Whether you have some business experience or just starting out, at some point, you will need some guidance and advice on how best to approach certain business decisions. Having someone to turn to for help can make all the difference in your success or failure as an entrepreneur. A good coach is a key to helping you uncover aspects of your leadership and business goals and style that can help shape the direction of your future. Here are some tips for finding a good mentor and keeping them.

Look For Someone Who Is Successful

You will want to find someone who is successful in business, preferably in the same or a related industry as yourself. This person should also have some years experience and have a proven track record in business. They should be industry leaders in their field that can offer insights into business and how to be successful at it. They may have a measure of financial success as well, with many of them being millionaires.

Find someone who is successful in business, preferably in the same or a related industry

Find someone who is successful in business, preferably in the same or a related industry

Approach Your Potential Mentor

It is one thing to find a mentor, but if you wait for them to contact you, you are leaving too much to chance. You as an entrepreneur should take the initiative and approach your potential coach to ask for their guidance. When you approach them, introduce yourself if they don’t know you, and tell them why you would like them to guide you and what you are seeking. Also, tell them what you are offering them in return. It is a mutual relationship and should not be one-sided. Interview your potential coach and ask questions about their philosophy, business successes or failures and how they plan on helping you to achieve your goals.

Seek A Coach With Qualities You Admire

Your potential mentor should be honest, empathetic, and challenge you in achieving your goals. There are some things that you will be good at and some things you won’t. Your coach should not be afraid to point out your flaws and challenge you to overcome them positively. They should also inspire you to succeed by their own actions and achievements. They should be someone you try to emulate and then develop your own style around that framework.

Your potential mentor should be honest, empathetic, and challenge you in achieving your goals

Your potential mentor should be honest, empathetic, and challenge you in achieving your goals

Seek Out More Than One

If you desire to succeed in life and entrepreneurship, you will need a team of coaches who all have different qualities and perspectives that can help you achieve your dreams and goals. Having more than one person guiding you will give you a more thorough understanding of yourself and your business goals. They can also help you with personal development, as well as other aspects of your life that need improvement.

Having a good coach, or several of them, will ensure that you develop into the person you desire to be. Your coaches will challenge you in many ways to go past your comfort zones and reach levels of success that you have only dreamed about.

Tips for Learning from your Mistakes on Entrepreneurship

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  • Published May 30, 2017
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There are two-word definitions that entrepreneurial-minded people should be aware of. Unfortunately, many people discover these definitions only after making a major professional mistake. These two words are:

Entrepreneur: a person who starts a venture, while taking on a greater financial risk than normal.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting the same results (The Old Saw).

Deciding to take a risk in starting a company, innovating a service, or going out on an investment limb is at the core of certain brands of success. Some people are born to be adventurous in various industries, and some are overly rash in joining a vague occupational thread in the economic community.

Some people are born to be adventurous in various industries.

Some people are born to be adventurous in various industries.

Some industries present a more proven, or calculated path to entrepreneurship. These are rife with examples of the success of others. Many burgeoning industries, however, have obviously greater degrees of risk when compared to rates of success. No matter the choice of a venture, learning from failure is key to making it work.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

Everyone has heard it said that Thomas Edison claimed to have made 10,000 failed experiments, but the 10,001st resulted in the light bulb. One breakthrough made Edison secure for life and changed the world.

Far too many people see an open door and take it without weighing the pros and cons of entering a competitive environment. If all business actions were altruistic, this would not be a problem, but this is not the case. An entrepreneur should take the time to research, plan, and rationalize a business move properly.

Passion and Profit

Just because something in business can be done, doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be done. Free market societies love the idea of taking a personal passion and trying to turn it into a success. If a person’s passion includes inventing and marketing new models of clean energy, it might have a better chance of getting off the ground than someone who has a passion for bug collecting.

This is not to minimize the importance of entomology. It only suggests that timing and economic climates are necessary to study before investing big into something. Seize opportunities, but not if they are dead to start with.

Failure to Analyze

Thomas Edison did not follow the previously mentioned definition of insanity when he failed 10,000 times. With each experiment, he analyzed data and learned to find the flaws in each one. The same is true for entrepreneurship bent on success.

Be constantly vigilant in understanding why a risk is taken.

Be constantly vigilant in understanding why a risk is taken.

It is necessary to identify things that work well and separate from those methods that deserve a quick and decisive “NO”. In all stages of a venture, every effort should be made to practice processes that withstand time, financial, social, and industrial shifts.

The best tip for learning from mistakes as an entrepreneur is to be constantly vigilant in understanding why a risk is taken. This is essential for learning to take the same risk in the future or make radical changes in an approach. Also, understand that people taking calculated risks are how great innovations emerge. Never let mistakes dissuade you from a unique idea. Never let a series of errors happen without a commitment to improving on them.

Learning From Your Mistakes: This Is What Professionals Do

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  • Published May 25, 2017
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It is common to hear the saying “to err is human” or “no pain no gain,” and even “you live, and you learn.” We agree with those statements as everybody makes mistakes, small or large ones. Failures and faux pas are part of our journey, and they must be seen as a great opportunity to learn and improve ourselves.

Last week, we posted an article about “Why we love facing obstacles in business”, and now that we acknowledged that failure is important, let’s talk about how to learn from your mistakes.

We need to accept that our “screw ups” make us unique and are part of important lessons. Some people use to say that the kind of mistakes you make define you. So, the more interesting the mistake, the more interesting the life. If your biggest mistake is buying the wrong shoes, you’re not challenging yourself enough.

Mistakes teach us to clarify what and how we want to live.

Mistakes teach us to clarify what and how we want to live.

Instead of sitting and crying, you must do what professionals do: learn from your mistakes. Why? Because mistakes teach us to clarify what and how we want to live, what works and what doesn’t; teach us to accept our fallibility and face our fears, and it allows us to inspire others as they see how courageous we are. To learn from your mistakes as a professional requires five habits:

#1 Have the self-confidence to admit mistakes

The first step is to admit that nobody is or must be perfect. We are all humans and, yes, we make mistakes. If you are focused on the idea of perfection, it will disrupt the development of your career. You need to admit your mistakes and show humility apologizing.

#2 Be courageous about making real changes

The second step after admitting the mistake is to be open to make real changes. You don’t want to make the same mistake again, do you?

#3 Observe each situation as an experiment

Nothing is definitive: even life is not sure. So, you should observe each case, each project, as an experiment. It didn’t work? No problem. Ask for feedback, admit your mistakes and start a new project. Take a chance!

Try and make interesting mistakes!

Try and make interesting mistakes!

#4 Take a chance to make more interesting mistakes

If you are the mistakes you make, try to make more interesting ones. Take a risk! A project will only be a great one after several attempts.

#5 Focus on the process and people involved in it, not on the outcome

The most important part of any project isn’t the outcome. It is the process and people involved in it. Think about it!


The road of entrepreneurship and having your own business is full of mistakes, for everyone. A lot of people get bummed by those mistakes and give up along the way. The great advice we give to you is to use your energy to learn from your mistakes and from the people you know from entrepreneurship. Making a mistake means you are moving closer to success, even though you initially failed!