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HODO Global - Logo Explanation

HODO Global – Logo Explanation

The Story of Hodo

We are all about disruption. Our goal is to discover, identify, and bring to market the technologies that will change the world.

Our first product TripSpin™ is a revolutionary, proprietary, algorithm based search technology that will completely DISRUPT the way travel is bought and sold. Imagine that. Completely revolutionizing the largest industry in the world. But we don’t want to do it alone. We are looking for PARTNERS like you to help us take over this massive industry. Let’s do it.

Meet the Team

Jon 600x600

Jon Gillardi

Co-Founder & CVO

Our Chief Visionary Officer with 30+ years experience in high-end financial and direct sales.


John A. Hammack

Co-Founder & CEO

Our Chief Executive Officer – 40+ years experience in the direct-selling industry
 in both field and corporate executive experience.

Henry 600x600

Henry Marsh


4x Olympic athlete • Co-Founder of a billion dollar company • Attorney

Geof Ferfort 600x600-300ppi

Geof Ferfort

COO – Chief Operations Officer

With 23 years of experience in corporate Direct Sales operations… Geof offers exceptional synergy to the executive team.


Art Meakin

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

The wizard behind the curtain, Art’s expertise in technology and systems brings the horsepower to HODO.


Jessica Carlson

Vice President + Customer Service

A seasoned veteran of all things Customer Service, Jessica’s mission in life is to help you succeed in this business.


Jesse Lee Crawford

Creative Director

Part filmmaker, part designer, Jesse brings his creative expertise to every corner of the HODO experience.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to:

  1. 1The transition from the adage of word of mouth advertising to deploying the latest social sharing techniques through mobile technologies.
  2. 2As a company we live by the statement, “For things to change, you must change.” And therefore, we have created the path that will lead you to social sharing skills, financial literacy, time management, and a clear understanding of the documented benefits of vacations.
  3. 3VIP Founders are priority and enjoy special privileges, first-hand knowledge of developments and announcements as well as first access to Epic Experiences. VIP Founders play an active role in growing our “fun culture.”
  4. 4Creatively engage, inform, and open the minds of those unaware of the opportunities easily within reach through all forms of media.
  5. 5On a global basis, to promote disruptive technologies that enhance the quality-of-life experiences of all our customers and Sharing Economy Partners.
  6. 6Improve people’s lives by building relationships, treating you as a part of our family, and walking down the path of learning and knowledge together.

We recognize that the accumulation of material things pale in comparison to enhancing memories and experiences.

It is our core belief to deliver “FUN” to our customers, our promoters, our vendors, our employees and their families.

Welcome to the Future…

We will show you how to succeed.